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Our History


It all started in 1958 when…

Sy VanderKooy  was outgrowing  his Kent Hills Foods/ Daane's Meat business space on the corner of Plainfield and Ann Streets.  Taking a big gamble, he purchased the land at 1747 Plainfield and built what is now the cafe portion of Lucy's calling it Daane's Food Market.   In 1963 business was great so he bought the adjacent lot and expanded the building into what is now the Aisle Nine Kitchen + Event space.  He and his brother-in-law ran Daane's Market until the early 70s when he leased to Damico Foods but he continued to own the building until his death in 2009.

In 2016, his children Jan VanderKooy, Brian VanderKooy and Sue Despres completely renovated the building and  now run it as LUCY'S CAFE and AISLE NINE KITCHEN + EVENTS. 2018 welcomed new head chef Dani Scott and her husband Phil to the ownership team.